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Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Judgment is defined in the dictionary as forming opinion; it means fact less, having no basis in fact. I believe that Judgment is Power and Control based; it is a form of emotional abuse. We use it constantly in our society; our society being Power and Control based. We use it to create separation by forming superiority and inferiority positions. In doing so, we overvalue the ones we put in the position of being superior and devalue the ones in the inferior position. Through these positions, we create inequity within our relationships.

When we are willing to cast judgment on others, we will, at some point, turn the table and cast judgment at ourselves. This is where we become our own worst critic. The reality is that we are being emotionally abusive towards whom ever we throw judgment. All of the 10 power and control tactics are forms of violence; emotional abuse is one of those 10.

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